Class Descriptions

Indoor Bootcamp

This class is targeted at customers looking for all-round fitness, strength and toning. The class improves functional strength, aerobic capacity, power and flexibility through a mixture of high intensity interval, circuit and cardiovascular training. The class is structured in a way that will engage and challenge all participants while being suited to your own individual fitness level.

Spin and Tone

Combining Spin bikes and weights for a full body cardio and strength workout. A variety of riding formats including intervals, sprints, hills and endurance are used to improve your cardio fitness. This is combined with a weights routine so you have a full body workout for fast fitness results. Suitable for all fitness levels.


This boxing class is designed to challenge participants through a range of boxing techniques and punches combined with cardiovascular and core strength training for an all round workout. Participants learn a few basic punches and combinations, which are incorporated with other exercises such as squats, lunges and push-ups so that you increase your fitness and strength to promote body fat loss.


This class uses strength training machines, bodyweight and free weight exercises, treadmills, bikes and other cardio equipment. Circuit training is designed so that you can maximise your results in a shorter period of time. You work on one exercise for a period of time, have a minimal rest period and then move onto the next exercise. This class is great for combining all forms of fitness in one session.


This is a class using free weights and body weighted resistance to target all the major muscle groups of the body. This class will improve muscular endurance and strength leaving your muscles "smashed" after the session. Tighten and tone your body while you enjoy the beat of the music. Include this class in your weekly routine for something a bit different and fun or use it as a full body resistance training session and reap the rewards.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

This class will begin with a short warm up and end with a short cool down and in between there will be a fast and furious 30 minute high intensity interval workout. HIIT or Sprint Interval Training is alternating periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. HIIT is a metabolic conditioning class designed to improve glucose metabolism and accelerate fat burning. HIIT can incorporate body weight and free weights as well as using the cardio machines. HIIT is designed for anyone wanting to improve cardiovascular fitness regardless of their current fitness level.

Stretch Class

Head to toe 15 minute stretch straight after HIIT.

Beginner Class

This class is aimed at those who are new to classes or just starting their fitness regime. The 45 minute class will focus on exercise technique and building fitness all while giving you plenty of rest. You will learn similar exercises to those in our other classes but at a slower pace giving you plenty of time to get the technique right.

ABT (Abs, Butt & Thighs)

A class devoted to your core, butt & thighs. This lower body intensive class will focus on strengthening these areas with a combination of cardio, strength enhancing and muscle toning exercises. This class delivers an intense workout that is designed to get your legs, glutes and core fired up.

While this is traditionally seen as a women's class, there are great benefits for men as well to join in. Core strengthening helps with general fitness and weight training. ABT also develops lean muscle mass which will complement anyone's strength workout. Options available for every fitness level.


A great introduction for teens and pre-teens to fitness, class work and strength training. This hour long session is aimed at 11 to 14 year olds delivering a fun, fresh workout. A great complement to sports you may be playing or just wanting to get involved in workouts but not sure how.

Teens will be shown how to perform exercises and movements properly and safely to develop strength, speed and fitness. A great way to get more active, become confident, resilient and see what you are capable of. Every fitness level is welcome and we cater for all abilities.

1 hour class. Entry fee is $10.


Kids love to play, run and are probably involved in a sport or two or three! Physical activity helps kids to improve their strength, coordination and self-confidence. KiddieFit classes provide structure for kids to learn real exercise and workout in a fun environment safely led by one of our instructors.

Routines help with balance, physical fitness, motor skills and cognitive abilities through movement based games and activities and functional exercises. These classes aim to get kids aged 6 to 10 moving, but they also need to be able to follow instructions. If you're not sure if your child is ready, come in for a trial class and the instructor can discuss with you how your child felt. We welcome all abilities to promote a healthy lifestyle, habits and positive environment for kids to participate.

45 minute class. Entry fee is $8.

Main Moves

A dance inspired movement based class to get the body moving and your step on.  Get your heart rate up as you move through a series of steps that build over the class to give you a full body workout. No dance experience required and ideal for anyone and everyone. Bring your two left feet and we'll get them moving as well. Have some fun while you get your fitness the boost it wants.