Robert is the manager of MainFitness, which opened in January 2012. Robert has been a part of the Mt Tamborine community since graduating from Mt Tamborine College in 2000. Robert has had an enormous love for fitness for the past 12 years after achieving a personal goal which was to build up his own muscle and physique.

Robert has worked in various gyms as an instructor and personal trainer and spent many years researching and developing his ideas and learning about the Fitness industry in general by attending many fitness expos Internationally and Nationally, which has allowed MainFitness to bring the best equipment in the world to Mt Tamborine.

Currently MainFitness has the Eagle range of Cybex equipment, which is the most extensive range in Australia. Robert has put together a circuit of gym equipment for customers to get an all over body workout, together with free weights and has set up specific pods on the gym floor where customers can work specific muscle groups. The Cybex cardio equipment also has inbuilt TVs which are connected to Foxtel.

With Robert's passion for fitness, MainFitness has also recently bought XForce to Australia for the first time. XForce is negative training equipment. This equipment is designed to work muscles in a different way.

Robert's hopes are to assist the Mt Tamborine community to develop a love for health and fitness and he encourages all ages to come into the gym and get involved in exercise. Robert is open to feedback and ideas from the community at large and would like to offer the people that live here the best fitness options available.

Robert is a personal trainer and happy to assist customers with building programs and achieving their goals. If you are needing a bit of a push and enjoy the feeling of having a workout as you leave the gym, then Robert is the trainer for you.